• The potentials of Audio engineering as a career

    Most of us think that music is just a way of whiling away spare time, but did you know that it could be money making as a career? Maybe not, Read on further to know how.
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    The music industry is growing at a rapid pace and more and more job opportunities are opening up for freshers who have a keen interest in taking up Audio engineering as a career. Conventional career options can be boring, so why not to think about a career which has less competition and requires only skills at its core.
    What is Audio or sound Engineering?
    Audio engineering is a branch of engineering which teaches students recording, mixing and reproduction of music for movies, theatre and other avenues, wherever it might be required. An audio engineer spends most of his time in the recording studio where he fiddles with music. An Audio engineer is required to produce speech, music and sound effects in his studio. Modern and hi-tech instruments are used for producing unbelievable sounds which can sweep you off your feet. Many new avenues have sprung up which now demand professionally produced music. Music was always required for movies, television and radio but now even game developers need music and sound effects for their products.
    What are the qualifications required to be an Audio engineer?
    To become an Audio engineer you must have a high school degree in subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. After you have attained a Bachelors degree in Audio engineering, you can enrol for the Masters degree at any foreign university.
    The top colleges and universities which offer Audio engineering courses are
    ·         American university
    ·         Lawrence Technological University
    ·         Belmont University
    ·         Georgia Institute of Technology
    ·         Carnegie Mellon university

    What are the roles of an Audio engineer in the industry?
    ·         Sound engineer
    ·         Audio engineer
    ·         Production assistant
    ·         Acoustic consultant
    ·         Studio manager
    ·         Assistant engineer
    ·         Digital remastering engineer
    ·         Live sound engineer
    ·         Studio designer
    ·         Multimedia developer
    ·         Studio technician

    What is the scope and what are the career options for Audio engineers?
    Audio engineers are required to record sounds for Television, Radio, Movies, Advertisements, websites, computer and mobile games and many more like fields. Since the applications of Audio engineering are more in the entertainment industry, it is a very rewarding career. A popular and in-demand Audio engineer is well paid. Going by the visible trends the demand for Audio engineers will see a definite hike.

    With regards to a career, an Audio engineer can seek job opportunities in places like Radio stations, Television channels, recording studios, Animation studios, Advertising agencies and the Movie industry. If an Audio engineer wants then he can also opt for specialization courses like editing, recording, mastering and sequencing. After gaining a decent amount of experience, an Audio engineer can also become a studio manager.

    What do the statistics say?
    Going by the stats, an Audio engineer is paid well. In the United States alone Audio engineers are being paid approximately US$ 30 per hour. An Audio engineer is able to accumulate almost US$ 60,000 annually.  It is by no means an exorbitant amount, but still a decent enough. The hourly wages paid to Audio engineers are just a fraction short of what engineers and architects are being paid. Figures indicate that there would be a rise in demand for audio engineers @10% by 2020. It is a little low in comparison to other sectors, but the reasons for the same are quite understandable. Modern technology is enabling and ensuring that lesser Audio engineers are required for more work. Machines have taken over a lot of manual work in the entertainment industry.

    What are the personal qualities required for becoming an Audio engineer?
    An Audio engineer’s job is all about networking. Be it with artists or musicians. Communication skills play a vital role in making the job of an Audio engineer easier. Fellow technician, supervisors and clients all have their own point of views, which an Audio engineer must try and understand. Sharp computer skills are also required for an Audio engineer to use the digital equipments for sound processing. Problem solving skills also come in handy for a sound engineer.

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